Belt conveyors, also referred to as "slider beds" are very versatile and can be used to move items that are loose or have uneven surfaces. For example, aluminum castings, machined parts, scrap cardboard, e-waste, as well as boxes, cartons and totes. These conveyors can be found in manufacturing plants, electronics recycling, and cardboard packaging plants to name a few. The drive system consists of a drive or "head" pulley driven by a keyed shaft and a motor/gear reducer combination. The "tail" end, or take-up end, has another pulley called a "tail pulley" that provides tension on the belt and helps it stay centered or "tracked" laterally. Center drives are also used on heavy duty conveyors such as those in trash and electronics recycling. Another feature that significantly helps belt tracking is the use of V-guides. V-guides are small profiles that adhere to the back side of the belt and run in grooves on the head and tail pulleys ensuring the belt stays centered. Progress Material Handling produces all of its belt conveyors in house, so no matter what, you get exactly what you want quickly and for a very competitive price. 


  • Quiet, smooth operation.
  • Design flexibility - custom lengths and pulley sizes available.
  • Various belt types to accommodate your application.
  • Made to order.
  • No minimums.
  • Easy to add on to existing equipment.
  • Quick turnaround, usually 3 weeks or less
Choosing the Correct Belt Conveyor 

 Belt Conveyors come in a few main configurations. The main types are standard straight conveyors, "hockey stick", and Z-shaped. The first Short Belt Conveyor With Food Grade Belt thing you want to know is the conveyor's OAW, or Overall Width dimension. The second thing you need to know is the length you require and whether you need an incline/decline. The product size and weight are important in choosing the correct type of belt conveyor. There are belts available to suit a wide variety of applications. We can tailor the conveyor design and belt selection to suit your needs. 

  Belt Conveyor Specs

  • Frames are 11 gauge steel in painted, pre-galvanized, or stainless steel.
  • Heavy duty frames are 3/16" painted steel for additional weight capacity.
  • Drives are AC with optional VFDs or DC with speed control.