Roller production 

A wide array of rollers is produced in house and always sized to order, particularly useful when replacing rollers on existing equipment that is made with oddly sized rollers. This is a common practice among some OEMs to ensure that the roller replacements are ordered through them. Our rollers are made to the exact same specifications as an OEM, only we produce them in many more sizes. An OEM, in all likelihood, carries only stock or proprietary sizes. Our rollers are custom made to your size requirements giving you get exactly what you need in a quick turnaround time and at a very competitive price. This not only saves you time and effort, but is easier on the bottom line. 


  • OEM specifications and quality or higher.
  • Sized to your needs.
  • Made to order.
  • No minimums.
  • Replace worn or out of round rollers to get more life from existing equipment.
  • Quick turnaround, usually 2 weeks or less.
Choosing the Correct Rollers 

Conveyor rollers come in a few main sizes and configurations. The first thing you want to know is the roller's BFR, or Between Frame Rail dimension. This can be found by measuring the inside to inside frame dimension of an existing conveyor, or measuring the roller directly, noting that a typical roller is made to have 1/8" of free play for ease of installation. 

Roller Types

Gravity rollers Four main sizes (1.4", 1.9", 2.5" - 11 gauge, 2.5" - 14 gauge).

Lineshaft rollers Characterized by their double grooves to accommodate drive belts. The most common size is 1.9".