1) What makes Progress Material Handling different from other conveyor companies?
The main difference is that we are a MANUFACTURER.� We proudly build custom conveyors to order.

  • We can accommodate variations of standard designs.� Want a different pulley size?� Want the drive on the other side to clear another machine?� The answer is "our pleasure".
  • Since we manufacture your equipment right in Barrie, Ontario, Canada you save on shipping costs and avoid having to pay duty to import.� Your lead times are greatly reduced as well.
  • Since you are dealing directly with the manufacturer of your equipment, you save time and can easily communicate any changes so you get exactly what you want when you want it.

2) Doesn't "custom" mean the conveyor will cost a lot of money?� What if I am trying to match up to existing equipment or just need an OEM size?

  • Most of the products we make are in sizes, or with options not offered, and/or have long lead times to get.� We can often work from a standard design and customize it to a customer's liking.
  • We can save you time and money searching around to find the correct size or configuration.�
  • There is no such thing as a manufacturer-specific OEM size.� We even make rollers to order.

3) Why would I want Progress Material Handling to service my conveyors?� Isn't that why I have maintenance staff?

  • Larger operations can usually afford full-time maintenance staff, but many small to medium sized companies often can't afford the overhead.� We offer specialized maintenance services on an as-needed, where needed basis, saving you time and money, freeing up maintenance personnel (if they exist) to attend to other matters.
  • Conveyors are specialty equipment.� Not all maintenance staff are intimately familiar with the inner workings of conveyors.� Sometimes a seemingly simple job can quickly become more complicated and require more specialized expertise.
  • We can also set-up a scheduled maintenance program to help you become more proactive with your maintenance activities.

4) Do you sell conveyor parts like rollers, belts, lineshaft o-rings, guardrail, pulleys?

  • Absolutely.� We have full roller manufacturing capabilities in house.�
  • We can supply and install belts either with lacing or vulcanized endless.�
  • We have a large inventory of conveyor parts and accessories in stock ready to ship or install.

5) I have an existing conveyor that has seen better days - can you freshen it up?

  • We do refurbishment work such as replacing worn belts, rollers, lineshaft o-rings.�
  • We can replace gearboxes and motors, or convert a conveyor to run on a different voltage.
  • Save money by extending the life of an existing unit.� Have a look at our services to learn more.

6) I want to buy something used - do you guys deal in used equipment?

  • We deal in well-kept used equipment.� Our stock varies, so it is best to let us know what you are looking for and we can tell you if we have it.

7) Do you do installations or relocations?

  • We sure do.� We can also work with you to find a time to do the work so as not to upset production.

8) I am interested in seeing your shop - can I stop by?

  • Certainly.� We would be glad to show you around by appointment.� You may want to start first with a virtual tour.